Electric Fires in Vehicles

Accidents occur every day to vehicle owners. They can be severe, leaving the owner with a significant repair bill. Electrical fires or damage caused by electrical problems can be this severe.

Every electrical fire situation warrants a different solution. Your auto insurance may offer some financial help. Whether it does depends on what happened. Contact your car insurance agent to learn more about your options in this area. Here are a few key things to keep in mind.

What Type of Insurance Do You Have?

Not all car insurance is the same. The type of insurance you have plays a role in the coverage and types of incidents and accidents covered. Here is a look at some examples of what may happen and what coverage is necessary to file a claim.

You were in a car accident causing an electric fire.

In this situation, you may have coverage if you have collision insurance. If the other driver caused the accident, that driver’s liability insurance will cover the incident. If you caused the accident, you only have coverage for the loss if you have collision insurance.

A fire starts in your car spontaneously.

Your parked car catches on fire. It is the result of an electrical failure. If that failure was the result of poor upkeep on the vehicle, your insurance likely won’t provide coverage for the loss. If it is the result of a mechanical failure, the manufacturer may have some responsibility.

A component in your vehicle causes it to catch on fire.

This may be a piece of electronic equipment such as a GPS unit or a computer. In some cases, your comprehensive insurance may help cover the cost. Your property insurance may help if the item has coverage within your policy. Keep in mind that any incident resulting from wear and tear or poor maintenance has no coverage under most insurance plans.

Car insurance can help protect you in some electrical fires. Not all will have coverage. To find out if your vehicle has coverage, call your auto insurance agent. Discuss your specific needs and what occurred to cause the damage. The agency is likely to require a full inspection done of the vehicle. This will further determine the cause. The more information available, the better the decision will be from the agency. Take into consideration updating your policy to ensure you have ample protections. Contact one of our agents today for more information on your Boise auto insurance coverage

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