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As a contractor, you will face a lot of risk when it comes to serving clients and handling expensive projects. It is important for you to have the right amount of contractors insurance to protect your assets.

At, we work hard to bring you comprehensive contractors insurance policies at prices that won’t break the bank. Our dedicated agents will find and tailor policies for your unique business with great customer service and years of insurance experience. With offices in Emmett and Star you can come to us, although many of our clients work through the phone and email so they can stay busy.

 Contractors Insurance Coverage We Offer

 Coverages we recommend for our contractor clients include:

 General Liability

 General liability insurance helps if someone suffers bodily injury or property damage due to the contractor’s everyday activities. If a client accidentally steps on one of your saws, for example, general liability insurance can help pay for their medical bills as well as protect you in case the client decides to sue.

 Professional Liability

Professional liability insurance steps in if your business is accused of costing a client money for professional actions. While general liability insurance covers non-professional negligence, professional liability insurance often referred to as E&O Insurance covers professional negligence directly tied to your offered services. For example, if you make a mistake while fixing a client’s kitchen pipes and one of them bursts, costing thousands of dollars in damage, the client could sue for compensation. Professional liability insurance helps provide compensation and compensate you for legal bills in case of a lawsuit.

 Commercial Auto Insurance

 Commercial auto insurance covers the vehicles used or owned by your business. Many contractors use vans and trucks to transport equipment and travel between clients. In this case, you will need commercial vehicle insurance to cover liability and any damage to your vehicles. This can expand to vehicles used by your employees, as well.

 Workers’ Compensation

 Contractors often hire workers to help with projects and clients. If you have even a single employee, you should have workers compensation. Workers compensation provides coverage in case an employee is injured on the job.

 Equipment Insurance

 Equipment insurance can compensate you if your work equipment is damaged or destroyed by fire, hail, theft, vandalism, lightning and more.

 What Influences the Cost of Contractors Insurance?

 Since contactors insurance is an umbrella term for a lot of different coverages, there are many aspects that can influence your business insurance premiums. Factors that can influence that cost of your insurance include your:

  • Location
  • Specialty
  • Size of the business
  • Coverage limits
  • Deductible

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 Common Contractors Insurance Questions

 What Insurance Should a Contactor Carry?

Contractors should consider the insurance needs of their specialty when looking for insurance. We generally recommend at least general liability, professional liability, commercial auto insurance, equipment insurance and workers compensation. To discuss your unique insurance needs, call at (208) 365-2160 today.

 What is Contractors Insurance?

Contractors insurance is an umbrella term for insurance coverages tailored specifically to cover the unique risks that contractors face.

How Much Is Contractors Insurance 

Your contractors insurance policy premiums depend on numerous factors, including the type and amount of coverage you choose, the policy deductibles, your company’s claims history, your location and the value of the company’s equipment and property.  

Your agent can help you get multiple quotes to get the best possible deal on contractors coverage from reputable insurers.  

Do Contractors Need Liability Insurance? 

Yes, contractors generally need liability insurance to help protect them from the financial consequences of unforeseeable events, including: 

  • Bodily injury to a client or third party visiting the business 
  • Property damage to a client’s property or other third party  
  • Financial damages resulting from false advertisement allegation

Your liability coverage depends on your general liability policy and its limits.  

Are Subcontractors Covered Under Contractors Insurance?


Subcontractors may not be covered under a basic contractors insurance policy. To get coverage for subcontractors, you may be able to extend your company’s coverage to include subcontractors or require subcontractors to provide owners and contractors protective liability Coverage (OCP).  

How Much Does General Contractors Insurance Cost?


Depending on your location and other factors, you may pay around $90 a month for general liability insurance. You can often save money by bundling coverages with a business owners policy.

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