What Is an Excluded Driver on Your Insurance Policy

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It’s important to read all of the details in your car insurance policy as soon as you receive it. One key area to look at is who has coverage on your policy. Also, notice any excluded driver. This is a person who should not be behind the wheel of your car. If they are there, your auto insurance may not apply. Here’s what you need to know about the excluded driver.

This Person Should Not Drive Your Car

Legally, your auto insurance company cannot tell you how to use your car. However, it can tell you when insurance coverage applies and when it does not. If a person’s name is on the policy as an exclusion, that individual does not have coverage under your plan. If he or she drives your car, causes an accident, and suffers injuries, you may be financially responsible for the costs in total. It is important to speak to your insurer about this type of claim if it occurs. It could mean putting your vehicle at risk if you allow this person to operate it.

Why Do Exclusions Occur In Insurance Policies?

Most of the time, the policyholder knows about the exclusion and why the insurer names this individual. For example, you may have a teen driver in your home. Perhaps he has a few driving violations. That individual may be an exclusion for your car. By doing this, the insurance costs for the policy are significantly less. If that person lives in your home, he or she has the ability to drive the vehicle. That increases the amount of risk to the insurance company.

The most common reason for an exclusion is risk. Insurers recognize someone living in your home or with other access to the vehicle that is a high risk. By adding an exclusion, the insurer limits the amount of risk they hold in situations like this.

What to Do About an Excluded Driver

If you do not want an exclusion to exist, as your auto insurance company to rewrite the policy. You can also get a quote for car insurance from another provider who will not exclude that driver. In other cases, it may be more cost-effective for the high-risk driver to have his or her own policy. This can reduce your costs.

Speak to your auto insurance agent about exclusions. Find out when that driver can be a part of your policy down the road.

FAQ’s About What Is an Excluded Driver on Your Insurance Policy

What is an excluded driver on my insurance policy?

An excluded driver is someone specifically listed on your policy who is not covered to drive your insured vehicle.

Can I exclude a driver from my insurance policy?

Yes, you can request to exclude a driver from your policy if they pose a high risk and you want to avoid potential claims related to their driving.

What happens if an excluded driver gets into an accident with my insured vehicle?

If an excluded driver causes an accident while driving your insured vehicle, your insurance company may deny coverage for any resulting damages or injuries.

How do I add an excluded driver to my insurance policy?

You can add an excluded driver to your policy by contacting your insurance provider and submitting a formal request to exclude them from coverage.

Can I remove an excluded driver from my policy?

Yes, you can typically request to remove an excluded driver from your policy by contacting your insurance company and providing updated driver information.

What information do I need to provide to exclude a driver from my policy?

You will need to provide the name, date of birth, and driver’s license number of the individual you wish to exclude from your policy.

Are there any limitations to excluding a driver from my policy?

Excluding a driver from your policy may have limitations depending on state regulations and your insurance provider’s policies.

Can an excluded driver still drive my insured vehicle in an emergency?

In some cases, an excluded driver may be covered to drive your insured vehicle in an emergency situation, but it’s important to confirm this with your insurance provider.

Will excluding a driver from my policy affect my premium?

Excluding a high-risk driver from your policy may help lower your premium, as the insurance company considers the reduced risk of covering fewer drivers.

What should I consider before excluding a driver from my policy?

Before excluding a driver from your policy, consider the potential consequences of not having coverage if that driver ends up driving your insured vehicle.

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